DRENELLE Slender and light legs


It relieves, shapes and refines your legs

An immediate, long lasting and natural relief it activates the micro-circulation, drains and helps eliminate fluid. drenelle jambes légères relieves you from every feeling of heaviness and contributes to refine and reshape the contours of the tired and heavy legs.

Drenelle jambes légeres active principles

Real lightness elixir, DRENELLE Jambes Légères draws its active principles from nature and sea treasures to lead to an ultra-targeted formulation:

  • Elder’s flowers extract from biologic growing, draining and lenitive, it is cultivated in Switzerland, without the use of pesticides, mineral fertilizers or herbicides, to assure the maximum of effectiveness and naturalness.
  • Palmaria Palmata, a red Alga with exceptional qualities, very active on the cutaneous capillary micro-circle, draining and derma-reducing, it accelerates the exchanges amongst the adipose cells and the micro-circle. It contributes to refine and model the heavy and tired legs.
  • Melissa essential oil, with a delightfully fragrance of citrus fruits and flowers, it has draining and refreshing properties known for thousands of years.
  • Menthol and Ratania extract, with soothing and draining action, they confer a delicious and long lasting freshness effect, giving incomparable feeling of relief and lightness.

The drenelle treatment in institute

Including the application of a fresh gel and draining massages, which will give you in an absolute comfort, slender and incredibly light legs! Forget the feeling of heaviness and tiredness which trouble your legs during the hot days or spent in a trip, standing, or in office in front of the computer.

The products in this line Drenelle

Draining serum-gel

Concentrated complex for heavy and tired legs

Gel for drainage and relief of heavy and tired legs

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