LIPOMER Enhances and reshapes your body


An exceptional performance for the new RENEVE body line consecrated to the localized slimming: LIPOMER. Drawing from the treasures of the Mediterranean Sea and applying the most modern cosmetic biotechnologies, LIPOMER opens a new frontier in the fi ght against the localized adiposity. Exploiting the precious and exclusive slimming properties of the multi-active sea complex “Algo-Redux”, LIPOMER hinders effectively the adipocites multiplication.


The new slimming performance

LIPOMER reduces the lipids and hinders their development thanks to ALGO-REDUX, multi-active marine concentrate which is made up of:

  • ALGA Sphacelaria Scoparia: stimulates the lipids’ removal, inhibits the new adipocites formation and increases the collagen synthesis.
  • Crithmum Maritimum: inhibits the adipo-genesis and magnifi es the lipo-reducing action.
  • Caffeine and Carnitine: create a strong lipolytic, draining and liporeducing action.

LIPOMER is winning strategy for:

  1. reducing the adipose panniculus,
  2. modelling your body in an aimed way,
  3. finding again your body contours’ harmony,
  4. returning nimbleness and tonus to the tissues.

It acts on the localized accumulation of fat

Conceived to act with the maximum effectiveness on the localized adiposities and to return harmony and comfort to the body, the LIPOMER treatment combines the perfection of the result with the pleasure of the senses. Trust in your RENEVE beautician who will be able to let you savour the new body treatment LIPOMER, for a remodelled and harmonious silhouette, for a more tonic and soft skin, for a delicious feeling of freshness as a dive in the blue of the Mediterranean Sea. A true “remise en forme” for you which integrates the application of hyper-active cosmetics with draining and slimming massages.


Marine extracts reducing complex

Soft, fresh, immediately absorbed, thanks to its cream-serum texture, LIPOMER CRÈME melts at once into your body giving an amazing reducing effect on the cutaneous adiposities, leaving your skin silky and delightfully perfumed.

The application of LIPOMER offers you a pleasant feeling of well-being, for a body defi nitely modelled and harmonious and the fi gure you dream of. A true treatment of home beauty, to cuddle your body and vivify your spirit!



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