LIPOTOUCH The last frontier in the fight against the localized adiposities

Reducing cellulite and localised adiposity aesthetic problems with no need to undergo any surgical operation? Lipotouch makes your dream come true. Lipotouch is a true, non invasive lipo-sculpture with safe and long lasting results.


In the heart of the adipocite

Sometimes a healthy style of life is not enough to reach and maintain the desired form. Lipotouch is a safe and non surgical remodelling treatment, derived by the aesthetical medicine, which represents today the most evolved and reliable assistant to your beautician.

Lipotouch is a modern technology based on the low frequency ultrasounds’ generation that, exploiting the physical phenomenon of the cavitation provokes the gradual breakup of the adipose cells with a consequent reduction of the adipose tissue, without altering the surrounding tissues. Immediately after the treatment, the natural processes of the organism proceed to the elimination of the shattered fat cells. The results are evident since the first session. Clinical studies on the cavitation ultrasounds have in fact proved that since the first treatment the silhouette appears considerably improved with amazing results after 5-8 sessions.

The method

An exact knowledge of the client’s aesthetic problem is the startingpoint to determine precise and personalized working protocols, premise for rapid and long lasting results. The first step consists in a deep Body check-up and in a metrical impedance analysis to evaluate the percentage of fat mass. Then, with a dermatological pen, the zones to be treated are marked. The beginning of the treatment will follow. The operator makes the Lipotouch patented maniple fl ow slowly on the adipose layers, carrying out particular application techniques which make the treatment safe and effective. The Lipotouch pressurised waves create this way energy bubbles which model and harmonize your silhouette.

What happens to the fat´s cells?

With Lipotouch, the membranes of the fat’s cells are broken up and their content, the triglycerides, are dispersed in the interstitial fl uid. Then, they are carried away thanks to the lymphatic and vascular systems and metabolized through the natural physiologic processes. To facilitate the drainage, the application of Lipotouch is always followed by an endomassage or a presso-massage treatment.


Safety and comfort for visible results

The treatment is comfortable, painless, not invasive and can be directed to various areas as abdomen, hips, thighs, arms… The duration of the sessions, to be carried out once a week for 6-8 times alternated with mud-therapy or endomassage treatments, changes according to the dimensions of the treated area. Since the fi rst session, you will notice a rapid reduction of your size and rediscover a pleasant sense of lightness and a new harmony of your body contours.







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