MESOPOR Program for younger skin

An aesthetic treatment cannot replace a lifting, but today, thanks to the remarkable technological progresses, it is possible to draw near it very much. From Reneve research is born Mesopor®, the exlusive treatment which offers your face a radiant effect and an evident youthful aspect. Normally the usual aesthetic treatments act on the skin only and have not an efficient action under the cutaneous barrier.


With Mesopor® a "virtual syringe" carries special natural active principles int he depth through the skin in a non invasive, quick, safe and extremely effective way. This technique guarantees therefore an exponential multiplication of the results, as the skin absorbs in depth a greater quantity of beneficial substances.

Lifting effect without surgery

To prevent and fight against the visible signs of the visible signs of the time you need a winning strategy combining the most up to date discoveries of the bio-engineering and highly concebtrated cosmetics rich in natural actives. Thanks to its double lifting effect, with Mesopor® you can get visible results since the first sessions, after a cycle of only 5 weeks you will rediscover the beauty of a young skin!

Double anti-age effect

MESOPOREnergy´s recharge

Imperceptible micro-currents carry exclusive active principles to the heart of your skin, while special luminous injections penetrate and stimulate the cells´ regenerative processes. Your skin, rich in freshness and beaming radiance, is regenerated in a more relaxed and firmed face.

Wrinkles´ straining

Physilogical micro-currents increase the collagen and elastin synthesis with an immediate anti-wrinkles effect and improvement of the first signs of the cutaneous relaxation.

Amazing results

The Mesopor® treatment is a real journey in the world of beauty. one hour of treatment that gives you a deep feeling of wellness and peace. At the end of the treatment a new freshness illuminates your face: your skin is smoother. The wrinkles less evident and the face has a younger and freshh aspect. And your rediscover yourself more beautiful.

Mezoporace®, mimořádný objev po několika letech výzkumu, vznikla navázáním na účinnou metodu, za kterou v roce 2002 získali dva američtí lékaři Nobelovu cenu za medicínu. Jedná se o revoluční metodu, která umožňuje účinným látkám pronikat do hlubokých vrstev pokožky bez použití jehel, přičemž zároveň zcela respektuje její přirozenou strukturu.

Mesoporation®, an extraordinary discovery after years of research, is born by following the principles of a Nobel Prize in medicine, got in 2002 from two American doctors. This is a revolutionary methos as it allows the actvie principle to penetrate in the depth wtihnout the use of needles and in the absolute respect of the skin.







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