P-COMFORT Protects your skin and immediate lifting effect

Starting today you can face without any problem the sharp wind, the intense cold and the atmospheric pollution. Thanks to its absolutely new and unique formula, P-COMFORT® protects your skin against the environmental aggressions by forming a true protective shield. Ideal for sensitive and delicate skins, the P-COMFORT® line is suitable for all types of skin subjected to frequent sudden changes in temperature and to the stress of the weather.


Thanks to the Protoxil®, an exclusive association of Whitania Somnifera, Wild rose and D-Panthenol prepared by RENEVE Laboratories, the P-COMFORT® line stimulates the skin’s regeneration. It confers the skin moisturizing and deep nourishment by restoring its strength and compactness, with a spectacular anti-ageing effect and with evident wrinkles’ reduction within the first 4 weeks. Since the first applications, a delicate feeling of wellness and of long lasting comfort invades your skin that, intensely nourished, protected and sheltered in depth, recovers vigour and incomparable radiance.

From nature energy for your beauty

The Whitania Somnifera is a plant already known in Ayurvedic medicine for its capabilities to rejuvenate and revitalize the tissues by stimulating the body natural defences. The D-Panthenol stimulates the cutaneous metabolism whilst the Wild Rose extract, extra rich in flavonoids, Vitamin C and carotene has a strong anti-ageing and anti-oxidative action.

Skin defender: protective and regenerating cream


This cream with its rich and incomparably soft texture, for an optimal comfort of application, is a real protective shield for the skin aggressed by the oxidative and environmental stresses. Thanks to Protoxil® it protects, regenerates and intensely oxygenates your skin. Moreover P-COMFORT® Crème contains special natural microcrystals that prevent the skin from loosing its warmth in case of intense cold, actively preserving its longevity and its beauty. Radiant, regenerated and above all protected, your skin recovers a new and amazing comfort.



Skin defender: anti-age recovery choc concentrate


Precious concentrate of recovery and replenishing active principles, P-COMFORT® Concentré Choc is absorbed in a glance whilst the skin immediately receives nourishment, oxygen and energy. The D-Panthenol, the Wild Rose extract and the Betaine carry moisturizing in depth; the Rice proteins assure an extraordinary nourishing and anti-ageing effect. P-COMFORT® Concentré Choc quickly restores elasticity, substance and comfort to the skin aggressed by the weather. Result: a remarkable wrinkles’ reduction, a skin immediately repaired, oxygenated and a surprisingly radiant and rejuvenated complexion.



Skin defender: soothing and immediate recovery mask


True anti-stress mask, P-COMFORT® Masque has an intense “recovery” action on the skin due to its nourishing and repairing properties which stimulate the cells’ renewal. Thanks to Protoxil® the skins immediately appears smoothed, relaxed and definitely repaired. Moreover P-COMFORT® Masque contains Menthyl Lactate and Allantoin that with their soothing, relieving and derma-acidifying effect protect the skin against the environmental aggressions restoring its balance and comfort.



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