Main features

  1. 360° Plasma light gives more accurate targeting and safer treatment.
  2. Minimized the scar on the face because of using 200µ fiber (20G cannula).
  3. Possible to combine with suction device on the body.


Wavelength 980 nm

PlasmaLipo-Toning Lipolysis System

The PlasmaLipo / Plasma D30 Diode laser electro Surgical unit is a device that uses 980nm diode laser emitted. The device applies high energy level laser which is classified laser class Ⅳ. This machine contains various safety apparatuses for the protection of its operators and from the dangers that may occur from unexpected accidents. However do not wholly reply on the safety apparatuses and only operate the machine after fully understanding the safety warnings. Also, check the location and contents of the indication labels before operation.

Easy to attract patients by “Petit” concept It is a simple technique without incision and suction. Almost anyone can be a candidate including who is scared by suction and its side effects. “Petit” can be combined with another treatment easily in a short time.

More than 10 cases in 1 day You can have the patients for PlasmaLipo as well as outpatients at the same time since it takes only 30 minutes including local anesthesia.

Just 1 stroke for 10 seconds You don’t need to worry about stroke because it happens much less, only 1/20 time than in the case of conventional liposuction.

PlasmaLipo Testimonials

„It is very comfortable for operator with minimal labor. And it is good for a candidate who wants to remove fatty area locally. I think we will have more demands of this area.“

- Jeffry B. Schafer M.D., New Image Cosmetic Surgery, San Diego, U.S.

„I found out a big difference of downtime between PlasmaLipo and Laserlipo technique. It needs only a sense of injection for the same results with liposuction.“

- Akihiro Minami M.D., Minami Clinic, Tokyo, Japan

„I’m sure of results by plasma light only in 2 weeks after operation without using any other laser or ultrasound, or suction.“

- Komuro Yoshikaz M.D., Komuro Beauty Network, Tokyo, Japan

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