SONOLUX A new ultrasounds´ generation

Sonolux® uses an exclusive treatment and tehnology able to match at the same time three different actions, in order to obtain an evident reduction of the adipose tissue and of the cellulite*.

  • Ultrasounds bombard and break up the cellulitis nodules.
  • The draining vibration favours the lymphatic mobilisation.
  • The chromo-therapy restores the right bio-energetic equilibriums.


The ultrasounds´ action

Ultrasounds are high frequency pressure waves and their action is ud to two effects that act synergically:

  • The mechanical effect of the sound waves carries out a deep massage that provokes a loss of the intercellular links with lysis of the collagen stroma around the adipocytes.
  • The deep warming effect due to the absorption of the mechanical energy from the tissues.

The ultrasonic waves cause a reduction of the macro and micro nodules with bio-chemical reactions that boost the metabolism through the folllowing actions:

  • Fibrolysis: fragmetation of the sclerotic connective fibres and reduction of the fibrolysis process that favour the dissolving of the adipose cumulus and the breaking up of the lipidic cells.
  • Trohpic effect: vibration of the cellular and intercellular structure.
  • Sonophoresis: increase of the cutaneous permeability that favours a greater penetration of active reducing substanes.
SONOLUX - red SONOLUX - green

Draining vibrating massage

An innovative and exclusive low frequency vibrating massage acts at the same time with the ultrasounds action and the chromo-therapy favouring the lymphatic mobilization.


Thanks to Sonolux® the ultrasounds action is made more powerful by the biological effect of the chromo-therapy. The luminous energy, with its frequency, reacts to the discordant vibrations of the aesthetic problem bringing the skin back to its correct cellulat equilibrium. The Sonolux® chromo-therapy uses two colours: red with enrgetic effect, green with liquds´ draining effect.

The shaping waves


Through a sophisticated software that manages variuous parameters: ultrasound frequency, power density, duration od the action, type of chromo-therapy, Sonolux® leads the ultrasonic waves´ action in the depth.

Vesrality of application

Sonolux® offers two possible methods of treatment:

  • With fixed head: such "free hands" method allows to treat large body zones and doesn´t need the direct intervention of the operator. In fact Sonolux® has 8 large transducers with chromo-therapy and draining vibration that allow to perform both 1 MHz deep actions and 3 MHz more superficial actions.
  • With mobile head: two maniples of different sizes allow to treat manually small zones and hollow zones of the face.

With both maniples it is possible to choose between 1 or 3 MHz.

Technical card

Fixed transducers 8 piloting creamics at 1 MHz or 3 MHz
Mobile transducers 2 mobile maniples at 1 MHz or 3 MHz
Chromo-therapy Red and green
Draining massage Low frequency
Control panel Mono-chromatic LCD
640 x 480 display
With touch screen
Insulation Class I, applied Part
Type B
Supply voltage 220–230 VAC, 50/60 Hz – 500W
Weight 20 kg

The Sonolux® sophisticated electronic system allows to treat at the same time the face and the body with two different frequenecies: 1 MHz fixed transducers on the body and 3 MHz mobile transducer on the face.







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