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Body treatments

Body treatments

  • Cellulite, dimpled skin.
  • Localised fat deposits.
  • Water retention.
  • Body reshaping and tissue tone recovery.
  • Problems with microcirculation and connective tissue.

Multiple action

  • Suction rolling action deeply stimulate the hypodermic connective tissue, favouring cellular exhange and the elimination of toxins.
  • The Tecnocell action mobilises the connective gel, restoring its fluidity and softness.
  • The fatty cells, freed from a state of asphyxiation, return their content into circulation, they diminish in volume and skin regains a smooth look.
  • The revitalisation of lipolysis in the fatty tissue reshapes and reduces the body’s volumes.
  • Stimulation of the connective tissue increases fibroblast activity which results in the stimulation of the collagenic and elastinic structures.


  • Cellulite is reduced and the skin progressively regains softness, elasticity and tone.
  • The thickness of the skin folds and skin dimpling diminish.
  • Tissue tone improves and is favoured by cellular regeneration.
  • The silhouette is reshaped, with visible and gratifying results.

Facial treatments

Facial treatments

  • Wrinkled skin.
  • Tired relaxed skin.
  • Sensitive and infiltrated skin.
  • Skin that has lost its luminosity.

Multiple action

  • Fibroblast stimulation: the action of special facial rollers stimulate the fibroblast, creating elastin and reticular fibre collagen, making the skin more elastic and resistant.
  • Skin stimulation: generates pleasantly dynamic “tissue gymnastics”, drains tissues, restoring the skin and shrinking the pores.


  • Returns the youthful splendour to the skin, reducing wrinkles and laugh lines, firming and reshaping the contours of the face.
  • Restores elasticity and firmness to the skin.
  • Restores luminosity to the face and firms the grain of the skin.

Technical characteristics

Power input 220–230 VAC 50/60 Hz mono-phase
Maximum power absorbed 800 W
Operation Pulsing or continuous vacuum operation
Vacuum lines 2 (macro-zone and micro-zone)
Maximum vacuum -850 mbar
Vacuum limit adjustment In 10 mbar increments
Vacuum adjustment From 0 to 100% in 10% increments
Vacuum pump capacity 230 Vac three phase

To combat cellulite and localised fatty deposits, shape the silhouette, firm and tone your body, today there is Tecnocell, a non-surgical lipo-sculpture technique that uses sophisticated technology to restore perfect elasticity to the skin. Effective results, technically competitive with those offered by cosmetic surgery, obtained in complete comfort: the treatment consists in a delicate, pleasant massage over the entire body, in an atmosphere of absolute confidence. Tecnocell is the right solution for effective, rapid, highly profitable treatments.

The new generation of devices for cosmetic treatments and fitness

The synergetic action of endomassage, monochromatic light and ultrasound ensures a reduction in cellulite as it helps the skin, making it visibly softer, more elastic and toned.

The new generation of devices for cosmetic treatments and fitness


The endomassage technique is based on the principals of “connective massage” and “palper-rouler”: The Tecnocell treatment is built around a special tool which creates a depression in the skin surface, which is sucked up between two mobile rollers forming a tissue fold. The subcutaneous tissue - stiff, swollen and painful, is lifted, mobilised and softened. The special rollers automatically adapt to the thickness of the skin fold allowing the operator to perform the treatment by following a pre-set program of delicate, enjoyable manouvres over the entire body.

Depending on the results to be obtained, various techniques may be used:

  • Defibrosage: by moving the skin folds, it destabilises the fatty masses, revitalising blood and lymphatic exchange. This action softens the connective fibrous tissues, deeply decongests the skin tissue, favours cellular exchange by fluidifying and softening the connective gel, the main cause of dimples skin.
  • Drainage: ideal in the case of oedematous cellulite because it drains toxins and activates the lymphatic system.

Slimming rays to stimulate

The mechanical action of the “palper-rouler” is enhanced by the slimming rays which administer luminous energy to the part of the body being treated. Biological photo-induction provides the cells with a specific quality and quantity of luminous energy which positively influences the cell mechanisms, stimulating the mitochondria (ATP synthesis), the cell breathing activity and the restoring cellular chemical processes.

Ultrasound to shape

The endomassage and slimming ray techniques are enhanced by the shaping action of ultrasound, special sound waves that act directly on the cellulite nodules making them more easy to break up. The ultrasound station is composed of a metal transducer plate for sequential operation and is managed by a sophisticated software package used to personalise the parameters for the type of treatment to be applied.

Tecnocell check-up

Thanks to a sophisticated software package, the operator makes a complete cosmetic diagosis, indispensable in achieving a complete picture of the client’s problems and in accurately deciding on the treatment protocols. Moreover, the Tecnocell software integrates specific nutritional advice in support of the treatments administered by the Institute; all of the information is given to the client in a dossier full of specific cosmetic suggestions. The Tecnocell system enhances your figure as a professional.

Training and advertising support

The Tecnocell method which follows precise protocols, manoeuvres and outlines, is taught to you by our medical personnel directly at your Institute. Moreover, Reneve ensures success through its support in launching Tecnocell through promotional materials, support for local publicity campaigns and “open house” events with medical personnel on-hand for the presentation of the product to your clientele.







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